December 19, 2014

Roads Plan Would Raise Road Funds, Protect Schools, Communities, Families

House Democrats vote to approve a ballot proposal to fund roads

LANSING — House Democratic leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills), House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee vice chairwoman Marilyn Lane (D-Fraser) and Rep. Thomas F. Stallworth III (D-Detroit) said today that the roads plan approved by the Legislature is a win for taxpayers, schools and local communities. Under the plan, voters would decide on a ballot proposal that would raise the state sales and use tax from 6 to 7 percent to benefit public schools and eliminate the sales tax on motor fuel. If that passes, companion bills also take effect including those giving tax relief to middle- and low-income families, increasing funding for at-risk schools and increasing fees on heavy trucks.

“For the first time in four years, we were able to forge an agreement that offers voters the option to generate the revenue we need to finally fix and maintain our roads, while also giving families much needed tax relief, and increasing funding to our schools and local governments,” said Greimel. “This is a victory for Michigan residents.”

The ballot proposal would go before voters in May 2015. If approved by voters, it would raise $1.3 billion over four years by eliminating the sales tax on gas and moving to a tax on gas based on the wholesale price, while sending more, constitutionally protected, money to schools and local governments who would otherwise lose money because of the elimination of the sales tax at the pump. Upon voter approval, the following legislative action would also take effect:

  • Full restoration of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) taking it back to 20 percent of the federal credit, an increase of $277 million.
  • An additional $300 million would go into the School Aid Fund and that funding would be protected under the constitution so that it would only go for PreK-12 schools through community colleges.
  • $40 million for at-risk schools.
  • $94 million in additional funding for local units of government.
  • Additional funding for mass transit.
  • Increase fees on trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds, and requiring warranties on road work.
  • Commit to hiring more minority and women workers in the construction industry.

“This plan finally addresses our road and infrastructure needs and it does so in a responsible way that holds schools, communities harmless while generating some tax relief for middle-class and low-income families,” said Lane. “Voters can be assured that this ballot proposal is a straight-up plan to fix and maintain our roads. By also protecting our schools and communities we’ve created a plan that will keep our state and local economies growing.”

“By including my legislation to increase hiring of women and minorities in the construction industry, we ensure that Michigan workers will benefit from the road work created by this new roads funding,” said Stallworth, chairman of the Detroit Caucus and Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. “Taxpayers can vote for this ballot proposal knowing that they will voting to create new jobs for their family members, friends and neighbors, as well as fix our roads.”

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December 4, 2014

House Democrats Fight House Speaker's Roads Plan That Hurts Schools

Plan repeals sales tax on gasoline without replacing money schools would lose

December 4, 2014

House Democrats Fight House Speaker’s Roads Plan That Hurts Schools

Plan repeals sales tax on gasoline without replacing money schools would lose

November 12, 2014

House Dem Caucus: Elliott-Larsen Must Protect All LGBT People

Bill fails to protect transgender people, allows religious objections


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