January 20, 2015

Legislative Dems Say It’s Time to Invest in a Michigan that Works for Everyone

House, Senate Dems call for policies that won’t leave working families behind

LANSING – After four years of Republican policies that have left Michigan with a budget deficit and consistently placed Michigan among the states with the worst unemployment rates, it’s time to invest in Michigan and build an economy that works for everyone, said Michigan’s legislative Democrats following Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State Address on Tuesday night.

“Four years of prioritizing big corporations over working families has left too many of our neighbors behind,” House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) said. “While big corporations are enjoying massive tax breaks and corporate giveaways, regular people are just hoping to find a good-paying job, and our state now faces a budget deficit. This plan hasn’t worked, we need to invest in our communities and families so that all of us can share in a better future for Michigan, and the House Democratic Caucus stands ready to work with Governor Snyder on these goals.”

“We know we aren’t always going to agree; in fact, there are lots of times we’ll flat out disagree with our colleagues across the aisle,” Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (D-Flint) said. “But there’s no shortage of challenges facing Michigan families, and I know there’s plenty of common ground between Democrats and Republicans on issues like education, creating jobs and making our economy work for everyone.”

While Republicans shifted the tax burden onto the backs of working families and seniors and cost taxpayers billions of dollars in failed tax incentives for corporations, legislative Democrats pointed to recent benefited regular working families. For instance, a road funding plan highlighted by Gov. Snyder tonight was made possible because of Democratic support in the House and Senate, as was a 2013 plan to create the Healthy Michigan Plan that has brought health care access to more than 500,000 Michiganders.

“It’s clear that when Democrats and Republicans work together to solve problems facing the state, Michigan families and seniors win,” House Democratic Floor Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) said. “The recent budget deficit shows we need to reconsider Republican fiscal priorities and find a balance solution that works for students, families, seniors and businesses.”

“The people of Michigan sent us here to Lansing to find solutions, not play games,” said Senate Democratic Floor Leader Morris W. Hood III (D-Detroit). “We’ve seen what we can accomplish for Michigan families when we work together. Our caucus will continue to look for opportunities to find real solutions, and we hope our colleagues across the aisle will join us.”

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January 16, 2015

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